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Monitoring & Control

One of the main benefits of a recirculation system in comparison to the traditional way of farming in cages or ponds is the ability to control the environmental parameters. To be able to maximize this advantage it is important that the crucial water parameters like oxygen, temperature and pH can be monitored and controlled at all times.

With our oxygenators the monitoring and control is typically included. Electronic oxygen sensors monitor the oxygen in the fish tank and control the supply of oxygen to the oxygen reactors. An alarm system is triggered when the concentration exceeds the lower or upper threshold. In case of power outage, the system automatically starts emergency oxygenation.

For pH and temperature, we mostly custom design a system/method that is optimal for the situation. Nitrate is typically controlled by denitrification or by adjusting the amount of make-up water. The sensors are chosen for reliability, ease of use and minimal amount of maintenance and calibration.