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Heating and Cooling

Fish only grow fast and with a low FCR at a species-specific bandwidth of temperature. Keeping fish at a temperature that is 1 °C above or below the optimum temperature can already result in a reduction in growth rate of 5-10%. 

A major advantage of recirculating and reusing the water is that it becomes economically viable to heat or cool the water. Of course, this assumes the RAS is housed in an insulated building and the heat exchangers are used on the inlets and outlets of air and water.

To be able to efficiently farm fish in a wide variety of environments, climate control is of utmost importance. ACE heat exchangers differ from the widely available heat exchangers in that they won’t easily clog and are built with non-corrosive materials. By means of the counter current principle, up to 100% of the thermal energy can be recovered.



Heat exchanger product sheet