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Fish tanks

ACE has built hundreds of round, rectangular and octagonal shaped fish tanks from 1 m3 up to more than 1000 m3. Most of the tanks are constructed in HDPE or PP polymer that are welded in Mill or on-site. With larger sized tanks concrete may be the material of choice, or steel panel tanks with a liner.

A main target in the design of the tanks, as well as the inlet- and outlet structures is to make sure that the tanks have self-cleaning properties. Hereby the water hydraulics are such that faeces are moved towards the outlet in a matter of minutes.

An important aspect of fish tank design is to make sure that the fish behaviour can be well observed and the weak or dead fish are easily spotted and collected. The design must also allow for the ease of harvesting the fish. Mort boxes, harvest stand pipes, walkways and crowding devices are all examples of important tank features that improve the fish handling.