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A former pikeperch farm was converted into a live holding system for King crab, European lobster, Brown crab and Spiny lobster. From all over the world live shellfish is imported and temporarily kept alive for further distribution. The systems are kept at 4-10 °C to improve survival and reduce weight loss. The main focus during design and construction was the energy efficient handling of the peak loads of waste products after arrival of a cargo of new shellfish

De Heus

To test newly formulated fish feeds and try new aquaculture fish farming techniques, de Heus requested a highly innovative research centre. In 2015 ACE constructed several closed research systems. The systems were set-up in such a way that allows flexibility towards the type of experiments and fish species.  As a follow-up project ACE was asked in 2017 to modify the outdoor pond system

Happy Shrimp

For Happy Shrimp a farm system was designed and built that was completely air driven. Water is pumped by means of airlift pumps and for water treatment submerged aerated biofilters were used. The project was housed in a greenhouse and high temperature was maintained by using waste heat from the EON powerplant. The system is used to produce prawns of 20-30 gram, with the goal to deliver customers with live shrimp.

Lenger Seafood

When clams are harvested from nature they normally contain some sand, which is not appreciated by consumers. Therefore, clams are stored in clean, cold seawater for a period of minimum 1 day. The shells then open and expel the sand and silt. This process also allows the clams to detoxify and relax for further live transport. ACE designed and built a Clam desanding system, or “depuradora” that can handle up to 45 ton clams per day.


Orust Shellfish AB produces and grows seafood in Bohuslän, Sweden. To store the harvested shellfish for a prolonged period of time a live holding system was needed. The Orust Shellfish live holding trailer was designed with possible relocation in mind. It is a fully functional live holding system with solids separation, biological filtration and chilling capabilities all confined to a 12 meter long trailer. It is possible to store up to 6700 kilogram of shellfish at a time.